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2022Cooperative kinetics of ligand binding to linear polymersVillaluenga J.P.G.; Cao-García F.J.
2022Dispersal-induced resilience to stochastic environmental fluctuations in populations with Allee effectCrespo-Miguel R.; Jarillo J.; Cao-García F.J.
2021DNA replication: In vitro single-molecule manipulation data analysis and modelsJarillo J.; Ibarra, Borja; Cao-García F.J.
2019Mechanical conditions for stable symmetric cell constrictionBeltrán-Heredia E.; Monroy F.; Cao-García F.J.
2020Noncooperative thermodynamics and kinetic models of ligand binding to polymers: Connecting McGhee-von Hippel model with the Tonks gas modelVillaluenga J.P.G.; Vidal J.; Cao-García F.J.
2021Optical Tweezers to Investigate the Structure and Energetics of Single-Stranded DNA-Binding Protein-DNA ComplexesMorin J.A.; Cerrón F.; Cao-García F.J.; Ibarra, Borja
2022Population responses to harvesting in fluctuating environmentsLee A.M.; Jarillo J.; Peeters B.; Hansen B.B.; Cao-García F.J.; Sæther B.-E.; Engen S.
2022Predictability of Population FluctuationsCrespo-Miguel R.; Cao-García F.J.
2022Scaling of population resilience with dispersal length and habitat sizeCrespo-Miguel R.; Jarillo J.; Cao-García F.J.
2022Spatial and Ecological Scaling of Stability in Spatial Community NetworksJarillo J.; Cao-García F.J.; De Laender F.
2020Spatial scales of population synchrony in predator-prey systemsJarillo J.; Sæther B.-E.; Engen S.; Cao-García F.J.