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2014A collection of fullerenes for synthetic access toward oriented charge-transfer cascades in triple-channel photosystemsBolag A.; López-Andarias J.; Lascano S.; Soleimanpour S.; Atienza C.; Sakai N.; Martín, Nazario; Matile S.
2019Assembly effect on the charge carrier mobility in quaterthiophene-based n/p-materialsLópez-Andarias A.; Atienza C.; López-Andarias J.; Matsuda W.; Sakurai T.; Seki S.; Martín, Nazario
2012Concave versus planar geometries for the hierarchical organization of mesoscopic 3D helical fibersLópez J.L.; Atienza C.; Insuasty A.; López-Andarias J.; Romero-Nieto C.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario
2014Controlling the crystalline three-dimensional order in bulk materials by single-wall carbon nanotubesLópez-Andarias J.; López J.L.; Atienza C.; Brunetti F.G.; Romero-Nieto C.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario
2010Controlling the transformation of primary into quaternary structures: Towards hierarchically built-up twisted fibersLópez J.L.; Atienza C.; Seitz W.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario
2016Determining the Attenuation Factor in Molecular Wires Featuring Covalent and Noncovalent TectonsVela S.; Bauroth S.; Atienza C.; Molina-Ontoria A.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario
2015Electron-deficient fullerenes in triple-channel photosystemsLópez-Andarias J.; Bolag A.; Nançoz C.; Vauthey E.; Atienza C.; Sakai N.; Martín, Nazario; Matile S.
2018Fine-tuning the assemblies of carbon nanodots and porphyrinsScharl T.; Cadranel A.; Haines P.; Strauss V.; Bernhardt S.; Vela S.; Atienza C.; Gröhn F.; Martín, Nazario; Guldi D.M.
2015Highly ordered n/p-Co-assembled materials with remarkable charge mobilitiesLópez-Andarias J.; Rodríguez M.J.; Atienza C.; López J.L.; Mikie T.; Casado S.; Seki S.; Carrascosa J.L.; Martín, Nazario
2015Light-Harvesting Materials for Organic ElectronicsJoly D.; Delgado J.L.; Atienza C.; Martín, Nazario
2017Mesoscopic helical architectures: Via self-assembly of porphyrin-based discotic systemsVela S.; Berrocal J.A.; Atienza C.; Meijer E.W.; Martín, Nazario
2008P-phenyleneethynylene molecular wires: Influence of structure on photoinduced electron-transfer propertiesWielopolski M.; Atienza C.; Clark T.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario
2020Protein-directed crystalline 2D fullerene assembliesLiutkus M.; López-Andarias A.; Mejías S.H.; López-Andarias J.; Gil-Carton D.; Feixas F.; Osuna S.; Matsuda W.; Sakurai T.; Seki S.; Atienza C.; Martín, Nazario; Cortajarena A.L.
2016Repeat protein scaffolds: Ordering photo- and electroactive molecules in solution and solid stateMejías S.H.; López-Andarias J.; Sakurai T.; Yoneda S.; Erazo K.P.; Seki S.; Atienza C.; Martín, Nazario; Cortajarena A.L.
2009Self-association and electron transfer in donor-acceptor dyads connected by meta-substituted oligomersMolina-Ontoria A.; Fernández G.; Wielopolski M.; Atienza C.; Sánchez L.; Gouloumis A.; Clark T.; Martín, Nazario; Guldi D.M.
2013Self-ordering electron donor-acceptor nanohybrids based on single-walled carbon nanotubes across different scalesBrunetti F.G.; Romero-Nieto C.; López-Andarias J.; Atienza C.; López J.L.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario
2017Supramolecular Electronic Interactions in Porphyrin-SWCNT Hybrids through Amidinium-Carboxylate ConnectivityRodríguez-Pérez L.; Vela S.; Atienza C.; Martín, Nazario
2015Supramolecular One-Dimensional n/p-NanofibersInsuasty A.; Atienza C.; Luis López J.; Marco-Martínez J.; Casado S.; Saha A.; Guldi D.M.; Martín, Nazario
2015Supramolecular pentapeptide-based fullerene nanofibers: effect of molecular chiralityInsuasty A.; Atienza C.; López J.L.; Martín, Nazario
2018Toward Bioelectronic Nanomaterials: Photoconductivity in Protein–Porphyrin Hybrids Wrapped around SWCNTLópez-Andarias J.; Mejías S.H.; Sakurai T.; Matsuda W.; Seki S.; Feixas F.; Osuna S.; Atienza C.; Martín, Nazario; Cortajarena A.L.