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2011A density functional theory study of the manganese-phthalocyanineStradi D.; Díaz C.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.
2021A general approach to study molecular fragmentation and energy redistribution after an ionizing eventErdmann E.; Aguirre N.F.; Indrajith S.; Chiarinelli J.; Domaracka A.; Rousseau P.; Huber B.A.; Bolognesi P.; Richter R.; Avaldi L.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Łabuda M.
2012A multicoincidence study of fragmentation dynamics in collision of γ-aminobutyric acid with low-energy ionsCapron M.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Maclot S.; Domaracka A.; Lattouf E.; Ławicki A.; Maisonny R.; Chesnel J.-Y.; Méry A.; Poully J.C.; Rangama J.; Adoui L.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.; Rousseau P.; Huber B.A.
2015Adsorption of benzene on Cu(100) and on Cu(100) covered with an ultrathin NaCl film: Molecule-substrate interaction and decouplingRobledo M.; Pacchioni G.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.; Díaz-Tendero S.
2016Adsorption of Hydrogen Molecules on Carbon Nanotubes Using Quantum Chemistry and Molecular DynamicsFaginas-Lago N.; Yeni D.; Huarte F.; Wang Y.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando
2016Antimonene: Mechanical Isolation of Highly Stable Antimonene under Ambient Conditions (Adv. Mater. 30/2016)Ares P.; Aguilar-Galindo F.; Rodríguez-San-Miguel D.; Aldave D.A.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando; Gómez-Herrero J.; Zamora F.
2019Aromaticity, Coulomb repulsion, π delocalization or strain: Who is who in endohedral metallofullerene stability?Wang Y.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando
2016Atomically resolved phase transition of fullerene cations solvated in helium dropletsKuhn M.; Renzler M.; Postler J.; Ralser S.; Spieler S.; Simpson M.; Linnartz H.; Tielens A.G.G.M.; Cami J.; Mauracher A.; Wang Y.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando; Beyer M.K.; Wester R.; Lindinger A.; Scheier P.
2014Bond formation in C+59-C60 collisionsZettergren H.; Rousseau P.; Wang Y.; Seitz F.; Chen T.; Gatchell M.; Alexander J.D.; Stockett M.H.; Rangama J.; Chesnel J.Y.; Capron M.; Poully J.C.; Domaracka A.; Méry A.; Maclot S.; Vizcaino V.; Schmidt H.T.; Adoui L.; Alcamí M.; Tielens A.G.G.M.; Martín, Fernando; Huber B.A.; Cederquist H.
2014Bonding in exohedral metal-fullerene cationic complexesRobledo M.; Aguirre N.F.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.
2015Cage connectivity and frontier π orbitals govern the relative stability of charged fullerene isomersWang Y.; Díaz-Tendero S.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Fernando
2014Chain-length and temperature dependence of self-assembled monolayers of alkylthiolates on Au(111) and Ag(111) surfacesWang Y.; Solano Canchaya J.G.; Dong W.; Alcamí M.; Busnengo H.F.; Martín, Fernando
2015Charge and energy flows in ionised thymidineMaclot S.; Delaunay R.; Piekarski D.G.; Domaracka A.; Huber B.A.; Adoui L.; Martín, Fernando; Alcamí M.; Avaldi L.; Bolognesi P.; Diaz-Tendero S.; Rousseau P.
2012Charge transfer and fragmentation in C60 + C6+ collisionsDíaz-Tendero S.; Silva Jr. H.; Oller J.; Alcamí M.; Hervieux P.-A.; Martín, Fernando
2014Charge transfer-assisted self-limited decyanation reaction of TCNQ-type electron acceptors on Cu(100)Urban C.; Wang Y.; Rodríguez-Fernández J.; García R.; Herranz M.Á.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Nazario; Martín, Fernando; Gallego J.M.; Miranda, Rodolfo; Otero, Roberto
2014Charge-transfer-induced isomerization of DCNQI on Cu(100)Urban C.; Wang Y.; Rodríguez-Fernández J.; Herranz M.Á.; Alcamí M.; Martín, Nazario; Martín, Fernando; Gallego J.M.; Otero, Roberto; Miranda, Rodolfo
2010Charge-transfer-induced structural rearrangements at both sides of organic/metal interfacesTseng T.-C.; Urban C.; Wang Y.; Otero, Roberto; Tait S.L.; Alcamí M.; Écija, David; Trelka M.; Gallego J.M.; Lin N.; Konuma M.; Starke U.; Nefedov A.; Langner A.; Wöll C.; Herranz M.Á.; Martín, Fernando; Martín, Nazario; Kern K.; Miranda, Rodolfo
2012Commensurate solid-solid phase transitions in self-assembled monolayers of alkylthiolates lying on metal surfacesWang Y.; Solano-Canchaya J.G.; Alcamí M.; Busnengo H.F.; Martín, Fernando
2018Computational Study of the Structure and Degradation Products of Alloxydim HerbicideVillaverde J.J.; Sandín-España P.; Alonso-Prados J.L.; Lamsabhi A.M.; Alcamí M.
2022Controlling the diversity of ion-induced fragmentation pathways by N-methylation of amino acidsBarreiro-Lage D.; Nicolafrancesco C.; Kočišek J.; Luna A.; Kopyra J.; Alcamí M.; Huber B.A.; Martín, Fernando; Domaracka A.; Rousseau P.; Díaz-Tendero S.