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2015Electrical Conductivity and Strong Luminescence in Copper Iodide Double Chains with Isonicotinato DerivativesHassanein K.; Conesa-Egea J.; Delgado S.; Castillo O.; Benmansour S.; Martínez J.I.; Abellán G.; Gómez-García C.J.; Zamora F.; Amo-Ochoa P.
2016Few-Layer Antimonene by Liquid-Phase ExfoliationGibaja C.; Rodríguez-San-Miguel D.; Ares P.; Gómez-Herrero J.; Varela M.; Gillen R.; Maultzsch J.; Hauke F.; Hirsch A.; Abellán G.; Zamora F.
2019Liquid phase exfoliation of antimonene: Systematic optimization, characterization and electrocatalytic propertiesGibaja C.; Assebban M.; Torres I.; Fickert M.; Sanchis-Gual R.; Brotons I.; Paz W.S.; Palacios J.J.; Michel E.G.; Abellán G.; Zamora F.
2017Metal-functionalized covalent organic frameworks as precursors of supercapacitive porous N-doped grapheneRomero J.; Rodríguez-San-Miguel D.; Ribera A.; Mas-Ballesté R.; Otero T.F.; Manet I.; Licio F.; Abellán G.; Zamora F.; Coronado E.
2017Noncovalent Functionalization and Charge Transfer in AntimoneneAbellán G.; Ares P.; Wild S.; Nuin E.; Neiss C.; Miguel D.R.-S.; Segovia P.; Gibaja C.; Michel E.G.; Görling A.; Hauke F.; Gómez-Herrero J.; Hirsch A.; Zamora F.
2018Recent Progress on Antimonene: A New Bidimensional MaterialAres P.; Palacios J.J.; Abellán G.; Gómez-Herrero J.; Zamora F.
2016Self-assembly of 1D/2D hybrid nanostructures consisting of a Cd(II) coordination polymer and NiAl-layered double hydroxidesAbellán G.; Amo-Ochoa P.; Fierro J.G.; Ribera A.; Coronado E.; Zamora F.